Sam Luton

Sam is the information manager at Warwick Capital Partners. He has spent the last 10 years on the buy-side, and more broadly, has been working in information management since 2002. He has an MSc in Information and Knowledge Management from London Metropolitan University. He can be contacted on:

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Articles by Sam Luton:

Benchmarking through the finance lens
Thursday, 27th September 2018

Information teams in financial firms have specific concerns relating to that industry and this was reflected in a recent Community session which looked at benchmarking data and how this year's results shed light on best practice in the financial services and insurance arenas.

What's the likely impact of MiFID II on financial research?
Tuesday, 6th February 2018

With the era of MiFID II still in its infancy, its likely impact on the investment research sector remains unclear. This article attempts to shed some light on where the industry is now, a month into the new regime, and where it is likely to go in the future.

Building the mosaic - resources used inside buy-side funds to support the investment process
Friday, 19th January 2018

The process of building an investment case within a buy-side fund is often thought of as being like piecing together a mosaic from many tiny fragments of information. This article provides a whistle-stop tour through a range of resources commonly used by firms to help their analysts find the relevant pieces.

Changing information sources in investment banks - impact of MiFID II
Thursday, 9th February 2017

The forthcoming Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II) regulation will have a significant impact on the research landscape in the finance industry and information professionals working in the sector need to prepare themselves now for the changes coming into force in January 2018.

Reports by Sam Luton:

Market landscape - expert networks for investment banking professionals
Wednesday, 24th January 2018

In this market landscape, we look at five products in the field of expert networks for investment banking professionals:

  • Alphasights
  • GLG (Gerson...

Market landscape - information sources in investment banks
Tuesday, 21st March 2017

This market landscape gives an overview of seven research aggregation products of interest to investment banks:

  • Alpha Exchange
  • Alphametry
  • BlueM...