Diane Thieke

Diane S. Thieke is a freelance writer covering emerging technologies and their impact on how we live and work. Her team of writers, editors, PR pros and marketers create thought-leadership content and serve as editorial advisors and a virtual newsroom for B2B technology, media and data companies.

Previously, she previously led editorial, public relations and marketing teams at Dow Jones, where she was responsible for promoting the company"s business information, media analytics, and sales and marketing products. Follow her on Twitter @thiekeds or contact her via www.dianethieke.com.

Email address: dthieke@gmail.com

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Articles by Diane Thieke:

How to transform your thinking for the AI revolution
Thursday, 29th November 2018

Experts believe artificial intelligence (AI) will fundamentally alter the way we live and work. For information professionals, this has profound implications for their organisations as well as for their own roles. Unlike any of their colleagues, they are uniquely positioned to take a lead in AI initiatives and this article explores how.