Sean DeNora

Sean DeNora has been working as a corporate researcher since graduating from McGill University in 1993.

Trilingual, he has lived most of his life in Montreal, Quebec, with a significant stop in Stockholm, Sweden.

Sean began working at PwC Canada in 2010 within the Research & Insights department.

He supports both English and French-speaking internal clientele with supporting their clients and helping to develop additional business throughout Canada.

As a researcher Sean is constantly working with many different tools and databases which help to support the information needs of PwC Partners and staff.

He is also a seasoned negotiator.

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Articles by Sean DeNora:

The strategy behind PwC Canada's content portfolio management
Wednesday, 3rd July 2019

Sean DeNora of PwC Canada's Research & Insights team gives his tips for solid contract negotiation and examples of where he's used a variety of techniques to negotiate more appropriate contracts for information tools and databases.