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"Even though I have been doing this a long time, it is always helpful to engage in the Community sessions. It's helpful to validate what has or has not been successful for me personally. With this session in particular, the live role-play is invaluable. Sharing ideas is one thing, but seeing those ideas 'in practice' makes the difference. Body language, tone of voice, etc. sometimes can be just as impactful as the information itself in a negotiation."

Global External Data Licensing Leader, professional services industry

"The Community sessions allow me to look at situations from another point of view. It's easy to get bogged down in the same way of doing things and looking at situations, and often it's difficult to get out of those habits. And I like knowing that I am part of a supportive community of professionals who are willing to share their expertise."

Information Resources Manager, financial services industry

October 2021

"A Jinfo analyst running an online workshop is a neutral person to pull everyone's ideas together and allow people to not be afraid to speak out. [Our analyst] gives us an industry-wide perspective: this is what other companies are doing, and this is the direction they are going. From a benchmarking perspective, that's really helpful."

Director, Library and Information Services, global pharmaceutical company

October 2021

"The whole Centre of Excellence process made me stop and think about things in a different way, as a whole instead of bits of the picture. At the end, we came up with strategic goals for the next 18 months – a period of time we can manage. I've shown these to my manager, and she thinks they are really good."

Information Centre Manager, country central bank

September 2021

"Jinfo’s Pillars of Service and Known Fors activities feed our overall mission and vision. Everything we do has to align with these, and if it doesn't, we ask the question, 'Why are we doing this?' We can communicate more effectively what we do and move away from the transactional view – and it makes saying 'no' so much easier. Let me stress the return on investment – there is a huge return on this work. It allows us to chart our own destiny."

Director of Information Services, pharmaceutical industry

September 2021

"One of the benefits of Jinfo's Value Chain consulting work was getting to know ourselves better. Now, we're able to use it as a foundation to reach out to and better understand our users' needs – to walk in their shoes. Our reporting line doesn't have the expertise in our kind of work, so having Jinfo's framework to set expectations for them was really powerful."

Lead, External Information and Knowledge Management, agribusiness

"We use our Pillars of Service ... to recognise that – to steal Jinfo language – we are the internal consultants to our organisation, and to adopt that role and be enthusiastic about it. This work also helped us position the team to be future-thinking and more commercially oriented."

Research Services Manager, global law firm

"There is a huge return on investment in this [Centre of Excellence] work. … We call it 'charting our own destiny'."

Director of information services, global pharmaceutical company

July 2021

"Completing the activity of mapping our services to the Centre of Excellence model was transformational and very empowering. It enabled me to see the bigger context for what we, as the information experts, do and why it is valuable. This is going to improve the way we present ourselves to executives and shareholders."

Senior Information Analyst, energy industry

July 2021

"I really value our competitive briefing sessions with Jinfo. You have helped us with our go-to-market strategy for a number of years, mainly around where we should focus our product strategy, how we should be messaging, and where the gaps, threats and opportunities are. We get great insights every time."

CEO of growing technology platform company, which supports information teams with efficiency and value-based reporting