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3rd July 2024


Look out for the AI Agents - the latest development in GenAI. Two industry deals, and rumours of a third are in the headlines. We publish our latest research and article on sources of US private company data. And, can you help us with our research into sources of US nonprofit data?


June and July are proving particularly busy for Jinfo, in our quest to cover content-purchasing and related technologies.

Are you ready for AI agents?

In our next Community session "The AI agents are coming!" (July 16th) we are featuring a subject matter expert from one of several suppliers experimenting with "AI Agents". They will explain what AI agents are and how they are going to make a difference. Register now

Following our May Community session, we have:

Industry News

Market consolidation reduces choice and (usually) leads to price hikes.

So, here at Jinfo we're trying to reduce the angst for our network of content purchasers:

  • Blackrock has bought Preqin, making our recent in-depth article required reading.  Written prior to this announcement, it analyses the implications, tips on how to prepare, and a list of alternative sources. There's a taster in our YouTube video.

  • Prepare for the effects of AlphaSense's acquisition of Tegus (which owns Bamsec) with our article "What does the AlphaSense buy out of Tegus mean for you?". The deal will strengthen AlphaSense's public and private company data sets, and enhance their collection of expert opinion, with Tegus' extensive collection of call transcripts.

  • possible acquisition of vLex by Harvey would give their technology access to one of the largest collections of legal materials from over 100 countries. This transaction could disrupt the market for legal information. What should you be doing now to prepare for this consolidation? What are the potential benefits and issues? How might this impact Thomson Westlaw and LexisNexis? Read our article.

Market Landscapes

  • Following the 2024 US Corporate Transparency Act, our research into US private company data is in the article "US private company data - what's new?" (following our recent Community session).  Our new report  "Market landscape on US private company data" includes our key findings and supplier profiles.

  • We're appealing for help on sources of data on nonprofit organisations, primarily in the United States. Our client needs to screen nonprofits on a range of criteria: causes, financials, governance models, remuneration, etc.  We have identified several sources, but this screening criteria is a particular challenge. Please contact me if you can help (and want to be involved in the findings).

Join the Jinfo network

As you can see, we're working hard to inform and support your conversations with stakeholders and suppliers.

Two comments from recent Jinfo Community attendees were particularly revealing:

"I'm embarrassed to say I've never heard of some of these [US private data] companies"

"This one session was worth the price of my subscription" 

With so much happening in the industry, now is a great time to join our network of information leaders and content purchasers.

If you're interested, please schedule a 30-minute introductory call with me, or read about the benefits.

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