Jinfo Webinar EMIS Next product demo and developer discussion
Jinfo Webinar

2nd July 2024

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EMIS has built GenAI capabilities into their new EMIS Next platform. 

In this recorded webinar (view using the link and password below), we met the product managers to discuss inbuilt translations, content curation, measuring impact and their commercial model. 

This webinar is just one of the great resources in the Jinfo Focus on Artificial Intelligence.

If you would like an introduction to a representative from EMIS please contact Jinfo.

  • 00:00 - Introduction
  • 01:15 - Introduction to EMIS
  • 02:07 - Introduction to EMIS Next
  • 03:37 - Primary objectives
  • 05:31 - EMIS Next demonstration
  • 11:29 - Translating sources
  • 12:52 - Curating relevant content
  • 14:56 - User dashboards
  • 18:10 - Company screening
  • 20:50 - Measuring client impact
  • 23:30 - What will all this cost?
  • 24:36 - Future strategy
  • 26:03 - Closing comments.
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