Jinfo Event Let's talk about benchmarks
Jinfo Event

18th October 2022

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Let's talk about benchmarksThe challenges on global organisations to successfully manage the ever increasing demand for new information and optimise costs, has never been greater.

Understanding how and why your own organisation compares to its peers is often very difficult without having access to a large network of industry professionals who are willing to share. 

Due to increasing client demand, Jinfo is working with a number of customers to benchmark their service, including analyses on operational structure, supplier costs, human capital and location strategy.

This Community session was an opportunity to share insights on benchmarking, learn how benchmarks can inform decision making and contract negotiations, and turbocharge understanding of how colleagues compared with their peers.  

View the article, "The importance of Benchmarking", to review the anonymised notes from our discussion and catch up on what you missed or reflect on what you heard. 

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