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23rd May 2023

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View the article, "The impact of (generative) artificial intelligence", to review the anonymised notes from our discussion and catch up on what you missed or reflect on what you heard.


Impact of Artificial IntelligenceArtificial intelligence (AI), and more specifically generative AI, has well and truly arrived, with ChatGPT and Google Bard being the best known examples of an emerging cohort of products.

But it is not without controversy, with some organisations and countries banning it, and leading technologists calling for a pause on further development.

Recently released reports estimate that 25% of all jobs could be automated, impacting over 300 million workers across the developed world. But those reports also recognise that people will move into other (yet to be identified) roles that AI cannot fulfil.

Having discussed the potential impact with Jinfo’s clients, colleagues and suppliers, there are a wide range of reactions and perspectives on AI’s role and ramifications for the business information industry.

One thing everyone agrees on is the need to be part of the discussion about the potential benefits and pitfalls of this technology within their organisation, and the information industry as a whole.

Our May Community session provided an opportunity to discuss these developments and considered how information teams can contribute to the wider conversation.

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