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20th July 2023

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View the article, "The impact of GenAI – the suppliers' perspective", to review the anonymised notes from our discussion and catch up on what you missed or reflect on what you heard.

Watch the Jinfo Webinar, "The impact of AI – risk, regulation and retention", to get the perspectives from three of our guests at the Community session.


The impact of AI – how are vendors responding?Following our popular Community meeting in May, we continued the discussion about the potential impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the information industry.

We asked information vendors for their perspectives on how AI is impacting their business - how they anticipate this will play out in the months ahead, as they explore options for supporting open large language models, their own closed models and clients’ proprietary systems.

The potential of these technologies has implications across their whole business: from data licensing to production routines; from citations and copyright to search functionality; and, of course, end-user experience.

Find out what we learnt and get the perspectives from the CEOs of two suppliers already embracing GenAI:

  • Alik Sokolov is co-founder and CEO of responsibli.ai - an online investment research platform that extracts insights and data-driven research from large volumes of unstructured text to make socially responsible investments
  • Markus Karlsson is co-founder and CEO of Affino.com - advising a wide range of clients on their digital transformation strategies, as well as offering a suite of AI services to clients.
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