Jinfo Event Step One to Alignment Between IS and IT
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4th February 2016

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[Research Focus: Strategic Alignment of IS and IT]


To create alignment between information services (IS) and information technology, it's essential for IS professionals to get into the mindset of IT professionals. How does IT work? What are its concerns and drivers? What are its measures of success?

Answering these questions is particularly challenging due to the fact that IT organisations are frequently complex, may include outsourced components, and employ jargon-rich vocabulary.

This Communities of Practice session will start to demystify IT and provide you with tools to document what you learn about your colleagues on the "other side" of information practice.

We'll use examples to dig into and understand "mindset" - the first step in creating alignment with IT, to better serve your organisation.

Information services and information technology are related domains of knowledge with very different approaches, concerns, and work practices. Although we cannot instantly shift to a perfect relationship, we can take control of contributing to effective interactions that reduce frustration, make sense of processes and improve IS/IT project outcomes.

Communities of Practice are open to any organisation with a FreePint Subscription at the Community level or higher. When your registration is approved, you will receive details to login to the teleconference.

If you have a question about this event, or are unsure if you have a Community level subscription, please contact us.

Multiple Dates:

  • Tuesday, 2nd February 2016 at 08:00 Central / 09:00 Eastern / 14:00 (GMT) / 15:00 Europe, 60 minutes
  • Thursday, 4th February 2016 at 10:00 Pacific / 12:00 Central / 13:00 Eastern / 18:00 (GMT) / 19:00 Europe, 60 minutes
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