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16th June 2022

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You’ve finished strategic planning and created a clear vision for your most successful future.

Now what?

There’s nothing more frustrating than realising six months have gone by and you still haven’t made progress on those exciting improvements. Some of the reasons information teams find themselves in this position might include:

  • “Business as usual” has gotten in the way
  • Unexpected loss of team capacity due to resignations or medical leave
  • Original strategy was too ambitious for the available capacity
  • You’ve gotten stuck on some element of the strategy and haven’t been able to carve out the thinking time to work out what’s next. 

The gap between vision and execution is an all-too-common challenge for busy information teams. The solution is to “plan your work, work your plan”.

Jinfo’s Focus on Centre of Excellence now includes guidance on the process we take with clients to bridge the gap between strategy and execution. These activities enable you to break down the long-term vision into workable chunks, plan realistically for available capacity, and identify key milestones along the way.

During this Community session, we discussed the practical actions that make strategy reality. We reviewed:

  • How to translate your vision into a practical work plan
  • Building the structure and discipline to stay on track with strategy whilst maintaining "business as usual".

See the report below to learn practical tips from other information teams making progress on their strategic plans.

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