Sarah Hinton

Sarah Hinton is in charge of business intelligence at Science Group plc, comprising five businesses covering the medical, consumer, food & beverage, industrial and oil and gas sectors. She began her career in government libraries and moved into the corporate sector 20 years ago working as a solo information specialist. She has represented the business sector on CILIP"s Information Literacy committee and contributed a chapter for The Information Literacy Cookbook (Chandos, 2007). She blogs at The Disruptive Searcher.

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Articles by Sarah Hinton:

Insider knowledge - researching oil and gas
Tuesday, 6th March 2018

Despite the rise of various forms of renewable energy, oil and gas are still the dominant forms of energy. Oil has numerous applications in products we use on a daily basis. The oil and gas industry is critical to the economy of many countries, which often brings it into conflict with policies designed to reduce climate change. As a result, there is a wealth of information on all aspects of the industry and this article provides an overview of how and where to search for information on the sector, from governmental and non-governmental bodies, industry associations, journals, specialist publishers of market data and statistics.

My Favourite Tipples from a corporate researcher
Wednesday, 18th October 2017

My Favourite Tipples are shared by Sarah Hinton, who is in charge of business intelligence at Science Group plc. She shares her go-to resources in areas from finding email addresses to information on VC activity and start-ups.

Mini review of ScienceDirect Reference Module in Food Science
Thursday, 29th September 2016

We review the recently released Reference Module in Food Science from Elsevier's ScienceDirect platform, the world's largest electronic collection of science, technology and medicine full-text and bibliographic information. Researcher Sarah Hinton outlines its key advantages, usability and considers competitors such as Wiley and the CRC Handbook series from the Taylor & Francis Group.

Is It Worth Paying for Premium News Sources?
Wednesday, 12th November 2014

Sarah Hinton considers the impact of free sources for news and whether paying for premium news aggregators can be justified when there are free news and sector-specific sources available.

Evaluating Premium News Services Against Free Sources
Wednesday, 5th November 2014

Sarah Hinton describes the steps she took to evaluate her premium news aggregation service against the free alternatives - and the decision she made. She offers useful tips for anyone interested in evaluating the value their premium service offers.