Martin White

Martin White, Managing Director, Intranet Focus Ltd., is an intranet and information management strategy consultant with a global reputation. Martin has written books on information consultancy, the selection of content management software and two books on managing enterprise search applications. His latest book, Enterprise Search, was published in November 2012 and the second edition is being published in 2015.

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Articles by Martin White:

Concluding the FreePint Topic Series "Making Information Visible"
Wednesday, 1st April 2015

Co-producer Martin White concludes the FreePint Topic Series "Making Information Visible" by highlighting key themes in visibility and discovery, that have emerged from the series that he and James Mullan have co-produced over the last three months. These include user-centric discovery, the information lifecycle and information visualisation. He also highlights product reviews and vendor insights.

Q&A with Martin White - Information Scientist
Tuesday, 31st March 2015

FreePint interviews Martin White, specialist in enterprise search, intranet and information management strategy. The conversation covers the origins of computer-based search applications, his definition of enterprise search, and whether we should be investing in better search technology. We also asked about his book "Enterprise Search", first published around two years ago, to find out what will be new in the second edition coming out this year.

Search is Critical to Informed Decision-Making
Monday, 16th February 2015

Martin White discusses discovery and its function within the information lifecycle. He covers areas such as why search is an essential part of decision-making and why search support teams are critical to success.

Eight Steps to Good Management for Visible Information
Tuesday, 3rd February 2015

The focus of the information lifecycle is to ensure that every item of information in an organisation can be trusted because it is clear when the information needs to be either defined as a record, or discarded. There is no agreed "standard" for the designation of the stages in this lifecycle nor is there agreement on the number of stages. The important consideration is that there is a lifecycle and a document may become more, rather than less, valuable in the course of its useful life. The term "document" is a place holder for any creative act. It could represent, for example, a video, an infographic or a presentation. Martin White looks at each element of a typical lifecycle from the viewpoint of making information more visible.

Information and opportunity: We are looking in the wrong direction
Thursday, 9th February 2012

Do you really know the extent of the information stored away in your organisation? Did you know that millions of euros are being wasted each year creating information that no one can find? Martin White reveals the shocking truth but also emphasises the golden opportunities for info pros.

Reports by Martin White:

FreePint Report: Making Information Visible
Friday, 1st May 2015

This end of series report collects selected articles, producers" commentary and a full thematic index of content from the FreePint Topic Series "Makin...