Fokkelien Fink
Sales Manager

Fokkelien Fink recently joined FreePint and is responsible for managing content sales and growing a global client base. Fokkelien is a seasoned international sales professional with over 20 years" experience with such suppliers as LexisNexis, The Financial Times and Acquire Media. Her client base has included global and multi-industry firms, with a focus on enterprise and innovative agreements that suit the unique needs of the organisation. Through her close partnership with customers, Fokkelien contributes to FreePint product development. She aims to maximise client benefit and continually explores ways to optimise the FreePint experience. Originally from the Netherlands, she is multi-lingual (Dutch and German) and has enjoyed being a global liaison throughout her career.

Fokkelien can be reached at

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Articles by Fokkelien Fink:

FreePint Keeps Customers Informed About Sources
Tuesday, 19th March 2013

Some of the most-shared articles in FreePint are our monthly "source" updates. The updates are proving so popular that we'll be extending them to cover a greater number of aggregators and plans are afoot to add those information sources which focus on web-based content and social media. Fokkelian Fink reports on why these updates are so useful and which other FreePint resources can help subscribers to stay aware of source and publisher changes.

Inbox Overload from FreePint?
Wednesday, 6th February 2013

Reduce inbox overload and your own frustration by learning which FreePint Updates are most relevant to you ... and then ditch the rest.

Practice and Content Updates
Tuesday, 22nd January 2013

Following feedback from readers, we've made adjustments to some of our regular newsletters. Reorganisation and better visual differentiation help the Information Practice Update and the Information Content Update stand out in your inbox. But for maximum information with minimum inbox clutter and investment of time, the FreePint Newsletter will keep you informed twice a month.

Spotlight on Consultancies: How Do They Use FreePint?
Friday, 11th January 2013

Consultancies are important customers for FreePint, because their own business value relies so heavily on information. A brief analysis of how consultancies use FreePint Articles and Reports provides insight into what's on the minds of these information professionals:  sources, skill development, cultural change and key issues like mobile.

Spotlight on Publishers: How They Use FreePint
Monday, 10th December 2012

Vendors of content products and services prove to be active users of their FreePint Subscriptions for competitive intelligence, product strategy and industry insight. Recent account reviews of several vendors show what articles and reports their members of staff are interested in and how FreePint may be contributing to their approach to the market.