Eileen Steer

Eileen Steer set up her company, Steer Research, to provide information on organisations and sectors to small and medium sized enterprises, primarily corporate finance and investment management companies. She has over 25 years" experience as a researcher. Eileen can be contacted on eileen@steerresearch.com.

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Articles by Eileen Steer:

Product review of D&B Hoovers (value - help & training; competitors; development; pricing)
Thursday, 31st January 2019

In the final part of her review, Eileen Steer looks at the value that D&B Hoovers delivers to customers and assesses the help and training available, as well as competitor products such as DiscoverOrg, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Hubspot Sales, Pipedrive and Scoro and what the pricing options are.

Note: Full review (PDF) at /go/sub/report/3117

Product review of D&B Hoovers (technology - search & user interface; outputs & alerts; administration)
Wednesday, 30th January 2019

In the third part of this review, we focus on the technology aspects of D&B Hoovers, a sales and marketing intelligence tool. Of particular note is its clear user interface, the wide range of output options, the vendor's support, and the options for site administrators that allow them to have a higher-level view of who, when and what is being used.

Note: Full review (PDF) at /go/sub/report/3117

Product review of D&B Hoovers (sources - content & coverage)
Tuesday, 29th January 2019

In the second part of this review of D&B Hoovers, we look at this sales intelligence solution's sources, paying particular attention to how it validates its content, company coverage of the 190 countries covered, detailed company information, news coverage, as well as its people and industry data.

Note: Full review (PDF) at /go/sub/report/3117

Product review of D&B Hoovers (key advantages; introduction; contact details)
Monday, 28th January 2019

We last reviewed D&B Hoovers, a sales acceleration tool aimed at B2B sales and marketing professionals, in 2015 and in this first section of a new four-part review, Eileen Steer revisits the company and product. In particular, she explores how the product has changed over the past few years, its key advantages, and how it can add value to the sales and marketing professional.

Note: Full review (PDF) at /go/sub/report/3117

Key Subscription Sources for Financial Information
Monday, 21st December 2015

As part of FreePint's Topic Series, "News, and Other Commodities", Eileen Steer evaluates eight of the key subscription sources for financial information: Alacra Premium, BvD Orbis, Dow Jones Factiva, D&B Hoover's, S&P Capital IQ, Nexis from LexisNexis, PrivCo, and Eikon from Thomson Reuters.

Reports by Eileen Steer:

Product review of D&B Hoovers
Friday, 25th January 2019

The acquisition of Avention and other enhancements enables D&B Hoovers to offer much more than just a sales lead identifier. Through using this to...

Market landscape - financial information sources
Wednesday, 23rd December 2015

Eight of the key subscription sources for financial information are covered: Alacra Premium, BvD Orbis, Dow Jones Factiva Companies & Executives,...

Market landscape - company information
Monday, 21st December 2015

FreePint presents an overview of 13 key vendors in the company information space. The table identifies key vendor products, briefly describes their ke...