Barbara Hirsh

Barbara Maynard Hirsh was director of Information Resources & Knowledge Management at NERA Economic Consulting for 15 years until she retired in December 2018. Her past experience includes:

  • Managing global research and KM services in a corporate setting
  • Negotiating and implementing global contracts for 3rd party content
  • Designing end-user training programs
  • Developing customised desktop solutions and intranets
  • Invited speaker at domestic and global conferences
  • Managing her own consulting firm.

Prior to joining the corporate world, Barbara spent 12 years in academia as a tenured faculty member.

She holds Masters degrees in information science and music.

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Articles by Barbara Hirsh:

Commercial awareness for information professionals
Monday, 7th October 2019

Commercial skills are a prerequisite for information professionals within any industry. This article sets out to not only define these skills but offers some techniques and practical steps to help you develop them, and in the process think about what your company does, what information it needs, who your clients are and how to communicate effectively.

Tackling the challenge of keeping up to date with technology
Wednesday, 9th January 2019

Technology is constantly evolving and information professionals have to keep up with new developments and end-users want reliable information without having to understand the technology behind it. This article uses mini case studies to explore how information professionals can keep up to date with technology and implement the best solution in areas from single sign-on (SSO) to tender information and extracting citations.