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Monday, 15th November 2021

By Susan Gleckner


Overcome “we don’t have time for…” by taking small, manageable steps that quickly add up to significant evolution. Find out how Jinfo clients make progress in their evolution as Information Centres of Excellence while managing everything else on their plate.


Nearly every information manager I know would jump at the chance to work on becoming a Centre of Excellence. But every one would also immediately have the second thought:

“When are we going to have time for this?”

I know the feeling; I had it myself. But what I’ve seen with Jinfo clients is that small, manageable steps quickly add up to significant evolution.

You and your staff will always have many other tasks demanding your attention. Jinfo’s guidance and support makes it possible to work on the overall strategy and structure while managing everything else on your plate. 

We do this through: 

  • Using proven activities and methodologies that get you from A to B efficiently
  • Walking you through your analysis of all those tasks to shine a spotlight on how you get pulled away from strategy and value-add
  • Optimising your day-to-day operations through streamlining, outsourcing, automating and pushing back or stopping some or all activities
  • Keeping you accountable to your own vision of the high-value, consultative and strategic contributions to the organisation you want to be making with your team.

During a recent Jinfo team meeting, one of us described Jinfo’s mission as “knocking down the barriers to making progress on information strategy.” 

What’s the thing that makes you say, “When we can free up time…”? 

Whatever it is, it’s a barrier we can help you dismantle. Tell me about it at, and let’s get started.

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