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Tuesday, 16th November 2021

By Stephen Phillips


No one in your organisation is better equipped to define and implement information strategy than you are. Jinfo clients successfully position themselves as expert advisers to their organisations and an essential component of business results. Work with Jinfo to position your content portfolio as a strategic asset.


It’s easy to underestimate the depth of your own expertise. When you know your job and your industry inside out, you have to remind yourself that you have valuable insight your stakeholders need.

One recent client comment is typical of how information teams underestimate their knowledge, reach and influence. Following completion of a stakeholder mapping exercise, the client told us: “We didn’t realise how many senior people we knew.”

Like many information teams, this client is working to shift its relationship with senior stakeholders from service provider to expert adviser. To make that shift, relationships cultivated over years are pure gold.

I shared this client’s comment with my colleagues at Jinfo. It turns out, “You know more than you think you do” is something we have frequently said to many information teams across every industry we’ve worked in.

In fact, Jinfo clients tell us that we provide them with the structure and accountability to document and assess their expertise, and then leverage it to make those relationship shifts, negotiate more effectively, and advocate for the necessary budget.

We believe that no one in your organisation is better equipped than you are to define and implement information strategy.

If you are ready to work on information strategy but are not sure you have the time or perspective to do it with confidence, let’s talk. 

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