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5th June 2024

By Stephen Phillips


How was AI in the news (again) last month?  US private company information, you’ve never had it so good, but will these products disrupt the market? And how are suppliers adopting AI?


AI in the news – again!

Recent reports reveal some interesting developments in news provision at Google and OpenAI:

  • French regulators fined Google €250m for scraping French news for Google Gemini.
  • In the United States they are threatening to pull $300m out of the Google News Initiative. Their response to a new bill – the California Journalism Preservation Act – a "link tax" on big tech to fund newsrooms.

Meanwhile, OpenAI (Microsoft) has done deals with several publishers including The Financial Times, News Corp (New York Times and Wall St Journal), Axel Springer, Le Monde, and Prisa (El Pais and Cinco Dias). 

Their content will help train OpenAI models and produce attributable summaries. It will also allow limited access to articles.

OpenAI is taking steps to use authoritative sources to improve its models. This should help reduce "hallucinations" and improve referencing of sources.

It's premature to suggest if this could displace established news aggregators. But Jinfo will track how the market responds to these developments.


US private company data is evolving

Register for June's Jinfo Community session "US private company data – what's new?" to hear the results from our recent research project:

  • How are suppliers collecting data on US private companies?
  • Will the Corporate Transparency Act 2024 shine a light on company ownership?
  • How to enhance your resources to improve your coverage.

We will share our findings, introduce suppliers and discuss how to enhance your work.

Register now.


AI enhanced search of millions of companies

Our latest recorded Webinar looks at a product that collates global data on millions of companies, and then blends it with data from established providers and web-scraping.

This unique content is then enhanced with AI and machine-learning to provide powerful screening capabilities and an easy-to-use interface.

The product has many potential uses, including market sizing, competitive intelligence, M&A target screening, and supplier screening.

Watch the recording to hear why they built the product and to see how it works. If you'd like an introduction to them, get in touch with me.


Get ready – your suppliers are deploying AI

It's been 18 months since the launch of generative AI, and EMIS and Nexis are amongst the first of the traditional suppliers to use it in their products.

So, we spoke to the product development directors from the two companies, at our recent Community session, where we:

  • Learn about their plans, the application of AI, the anticipated benefits and value
  • Discussed the contracting and commercial implications  
  • Explored the synergies with information teams, emphasising the partnership opportunities to develop, deploy and support these products.

Watch the webinar recording and read the article from the recent Community session.

And finally, I really do encourage you to check out the Jinfo Subscription. Subscribers report getting great value, with renewal rates at 93%. Schedule a 30 minute call with me, and I'll show you around.

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