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Friday, 18th November 2011

By Heidi Longaberger


No, Factiva is not the sponsor of the next Indianapolis 500. But it is tuning up its own vehicle of sorts, adding tools and search features that encourage synthesis and analysis. Hence their tagline: Factiva: The Intelligence Engine.

Factiva has added some snazzy new features in 2011, starting with Factiva Snapshot (BETA). Snapshot creates a research “pit stop” with a unique set of customisable modules that helps to monitor the news and trends most important to you.

Its new Snapshot interface is also incorporated into Factiva for iPad, a newer introduction into their mobile access offerings. They are being smart and also planning apps for the iPhone and Android powered devices. According to Forrester, one in three online consumers in the US will own a tablet by 2015, so Factiva can’t jump on this soon enough.

Another way that Factiva is becoming more than just a your average aggregator is by continuing to add to its language offerings, now including publications that are in Arabic and that originate from the Middle East as well. If you weren’t offered Arabic alongside your Chinese and Latin in school, don’t fret. Factiva switched over to the Google Translator tool in 2011, which covers 53 languages.

As always, Factiva continues to improve its search functionalities so you aren’t spending days looking for content, but can get down to the important stuff of understanding how that content applies to you and your client’s situation. They have added a rating feature, Source Rating, so you can get results directly from your favourite sources. As always, Dow Jones Intelligent IndexinTMg provides codes for quick filtering and zooming in on your target.

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