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9th July 2012

By Robin Neidorf


The latest articles for professionals working in information services management, information strategy and content procurement


Welcome to the new Information Content Newsletter, a twice-monthly free update on recent FreePint articles and reports supporting professionals responsible for information services managementinformation strategy and content procurement. If your job includes one or more of those roles, then this is the newsletter for you.

Recent product reviews include in-depth examinations of Profound from and Dow Jones Risk & Compliance Portal. You can get a taste of what reviewer Jenny Robertson liked about Profound and what Perrin Kerravala found enticing about Risk & Compliance. If you have a FreePint Subscription, the executive summaries and full reports are already in your account.

Mobile content continues to capture the attention of our contributing editors. As more organisations come up with answers to the question, "Why would we want to go mobile?" you can now read case studies of such projects as iPad apps for the corporate library -- these aren't just gadgets anymore but increasingly business-enhancing tools.

Is information viewed strategically within your organisation? If it's not as strategic as it might be, you might find special value in this article on the role of information in innovation. You might also find that an information audit is in order, and Cindy Shamel's step-by-step guidance can help you define the project and plan for success.

For a broader perspective on how information supports your organisation, and to compare your organisation with peers, you can't beat information services benchmarking. I'm still recruiting companies to participate in the interview process, and participants all receive a copy of the resulting report. Email me for details at

This new Information Content Newsletter is part of the overall evolution of FreePint's offerings, described in this article. If you'd like more information about the changes and how they might apply to the value of information in your organisation, take a minute to complete the online form, "How can FreePint help?"

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