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10th July 2012

By Robin Neidorf


The evolution continues; the FreePint Newsletter now reflects our consolidated approach to publishing articles and reports that support the value of information in the enterprise.


The summer of 2012 brings evolution to FreePint. You can read about these developments to bring clarity and simplicity to FreePint offerings, but I'd be willing to bet that if you've been to the FreePint home page lately, you've already spotted many of the changes:

  • FreePint Subscription: All premium content is now consolidated in a FreePint Subscription, which provides article-level access to practical, expert-written items to support information practice, decisions around information content, and planning for information strategy
  • FreePint Features: Additional commentary on latest articles and reports, industry topics and how customers build value for their organisations with FreePint can be found at FreePint Features.

Consolidation offers a streamlined and comprehensive approach to thinking about and publishing for the information industry. Over the years of publishing product reviews under one brand (VIP), practical how-to articles under another brand (FUMSI), and research results under a third, we've often struggled with the fact that most topics we and our contributing editors want to write about cross over these boundaries.

Cross-promotion provided a mechanism for helping customers find what might be most useful to them. Consolidating everything in a single offering, however, is far more sensible, and easier for publisher, editor and customer alike.

Staying informed

As always, the FreePint Newsletter continues to be the central source for how to get value from our offerings, with links to recent articles, commentary on the industry, plus links to the latest Jinfo Events (if you seek professional development) and Jinfo Jobs (if you're looking for your next opportunity).

But this week marked the inaugural issue of the Information Content Newsletter, covering latest articles and reports specifically for those who work in information services management, information strategy and content procurement.

Next week watch for the Information Practice Newsletter, covering latest reports and articles for those who work in competitive intelligence, internal communications, intranet management, knowledge management, PR and external communications and research.

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How can FreePint help?

In our work to clarify and simplify our offerings, our focus has been on creating value to customers. The real result isn't in publishing a wide range of articles nor pulling together comprehensive reports and issues that support the value of information in organisations. The real result is in talking with customers about their needs, getting resources into their hands and enabling them to share those resources with the people who can benefit.

I invite you to start that conversation with us, by completing the form, "How can FreePint help?" As Director of Research, I personally review every form submission and make recommendations on usage of FreePint to get you value.

If you will be attending the SLA annual conference and exhibition in Chicago, then please visit the FreePint booth, #174. I'd love to give you a guided tour of our offerings and get your immediate feedback. Bring ideas for additional articles, reports and resources that would be valuable to you.

Robin Neidorf
Director of Research, FreePint

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