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Friday, 13th December 2013

By Yulia Aspinall


IngentaConnect offers digital access to article summaries and citation data from over 30,000 academic journals and publications and 4.5 million articles in fields such as engineering, library science, social sciences, medicine, science (STM) and technology. Full-text access is available free if available, or via pay-per-view, individual or institutional subscriptions. Librarians can track usage through COUNTER and create solutions to accommodate specific customer needs.


Digital access to information is part of our everyday social and working life. We often access information without even considering that we are using someone else’s work. It’s ok if this “someone else” published their work to use for free, but normally authors do care at least about their copyright. They might also care about fees, especially if their information is used to generate profit.

Here we are entering the important and controversial area of digital copyright. FreePint’s Topic Series on International Copyright will explore this area further in spring 2014.

Ensure You're Copyright Compliant

Generally, vendors providing access to the journals and books publications online are copyright compliant, but it’s also essential to comply with various complex and technical industry guidelines on both publication accessibility and citation linking standards. IngentaConnect is one of the resources which combines access to the multiple publications with digital compliance.

Online Articles from over 30,000 Publications

Launched in 1998, IngentaConnect now provides access to article summaries and citation data from nearly 30,000 academic journals and publications, and some 4.5 million articles in engineering, library science, social science, medicine, science (STM) and technology fields. Around 13,500 of these journals are online publications. Social sciences are covered with more than 1,200 journals, including 370 of them for Political Science. 

Free Abstracts; Full Text by Subscription or Pay-Per-View

Full-text access is given by over 250 publisher partners, so users can access publications free if available, on a pay-per-view basis (via electronic, fax or Ariel delivery) or through individual or institutional subscriptions.

COUNTER Compliance & More

IngentaConnect technology supports W3C AA and OpenURL. Librarians can also track usage with COUNTER 3-compliant statistics. Technical support and management of CrossRef membership is provided.

Compliance is available for preservation services such as LOCKSS (Lots of Copies Keeps Stuff Safe), CLOCKSS (controlled LOCKSS) and Portico as well as key discovery services such as Google Scholar, EBSCO Discovery Service, Primo Central and Summon research tools.

Federated access via Athens and Shibboleth (link to PDF) are also supported.

Accommodating Specific Customer Needs

IngentaConnect technology and content allows users to create solutions to accommodate very specific customer needs:

  • From enabling compliant access to the customer’s internal subscriptions in combination with internal information and knowledge management requirements
  • To creating a “one stop shop” interface for information search and retrieval.

The interface is user friendly, contents can be searched on a free basis and there are multiple options available to purchase full text articles.

FreePint Subscribers can log in now to read Yulia's Mini Review: IngentaConnect.

Editor's Note

Readers interested in news aggregation and content solutions may be interested to find out more in our recent FreePint Topic Series: Beyond Aggregation, which ran from October to November 2013. You can still register your interest to receive a free copy of the FreePint Report: Buyer's Guide on News Content published in early December.

The important and controversial area of digital copyright will be explored in FreePint’s Topic Series on International Copyright in spring 2014.

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