Sophie Alexander Infotrieve's Mobile Library: Cloud-Based, Copyright Compliant and Content Rich
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Friday, 25th April 2014

By Sophie Alexander


Infotrieve's Mobile Library 6.0 offers a secure, cloud-based, copyright-compliant document delivery platform. Aimed at those in the medical and scientific community, it contains a proprietary database of more than 60 million citations aggregated through partnerships with thousands of publishers. The latest release brings significant changes and enhancements, finds reviewer Sophie Alexander.


Infotrieve’s latest Mobile Library release came about as a result of extensive discussions with existing users about what changes they wanted to see. The result is a more user friendly platform with simplified language and a more consistent interface, making it easier to navigate.

Search & Collaboration

Some of the new search enhancements include a more aesthetically pleasing interface with obvious links to actions that can be performed. Users can also search across all content types at once and filter search results by date, author and starting letter of title.

There is a collaborative element to the product whereby users can share and annotate documents and alerts to keep them updated on the latest developments. Mobile Library also now offers Japanese-language support.

New Features

Two of the most notable product features are the newly designed portal and executive dashboard.

The portal is completely customisable and clients can have their own branding and colour scheme and set up the news feed to highlight what's most important for their users along with other useful links, feeds and resources.

The new executive dashboard is a really useful add-on for administrators, allowing them to take a detailed look at how content is being used across the organisation. The information is displayed in easy-to-understand graphs and charts and the data can be exported, making it easier to make more informed content decisions.

Content Rich & Detailed Usage Data

With one of the largest collections of scientific, technical and medical (STM) literature, Mobile Library 6.0 provides a wealth of easily accessible content to the end user whilst enabling administrators to make use of the detailed usage data within the executive dashboard to reduce the total content spend for their organisation.

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