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Wednesday, 16th September 2015

By Andrew Lucas


Authentication continues to be a focus for the FreePint Topic Series" All About Usage - From Content Sharing to Data Mining". Co-producer Andrew Lucas rounds up the latest FreePint reports and articles on authentication and content management.


FreePint Topic Series: All About UsageThe issue of "authentication" of users' access to information has proved be one of the focal points of the FreePint Topic Series "All About Usage - From Content Sharing to Data Mining".  



The FreePint Report: Research into Authentication 2015 has generated considerable interest. The report highlights how the challenges relating to authentication have moved higher up the agenda, "fuelled by increased mobile working, new ways of using content, and potential security breaches".

Case Study

The subject of authentication has also been explored by Isabelle Garcia in her article Approaches to Authentication. Isabelle, an information manager at wireless technology and innovation company Qualcomm, describes how they made changes to their approach to authentication and worked with vendors and internal colleagues to implement those changes.


Meanwhile, Sophie Alexander interviewed Jon Bentley, head of product marketing for Eduserv, about the OpenAthens authentication software, in which he says that the future of authentication solutions is "complex".

Content Management 

Sophie has also carried out a Q&A with Peter Ozolin, co-founder and CEO of personalised intelligence service Manzama, about the platform and future trends in content management and current awareness.

A FreePint Report: Product Review of Attensa by researcher Dale Moore is a four-part review of the recently redesigned current awareness, content management and delivery application. A blog by Catherine Dhanjal, "Creating Intelligence with Attensa" introduces the product review.

Copyright and Attribution

Finally, I have been considering some of the risks that arise for users as content makes its way from origination to consumption in "All About Usage - the Content Journey". These risks include factually incorrect or false information, or making use of information from websites without checking the terms and conditions or giving proper attribution.

I have also been talking to Sophie Alexander about these issues in "Online Information - How to Avoid the Tripwires".

The FreePint Topic Series "All About Usage - From Content Sharing to Data Mining" runs until the end of September and provides a wealth of insight into how to handle end user access - from contract management to authentication - register now to receive free updates and a PDF report containing Subscription articles upon registration, as well as a copy of the index report at the end. 

Articles, reports and reviews published since the most recent blog update in the Topic Series "All About Usage": 

Articles and reviews coming soon in the series

  • Product Review of EndNote 
  • Product Review of CCC RightFind XML for Mining
  • Product Review of RefME
  • Q&A with Euromonitor
  • Q&A with Keynote


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