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Monday, 25th January 2016

By Catherine Dhanjal


What does the DueDil service offer users seeking information on companies in UK and Ireland?


Company information is essential for almost all departments in organisations, from finance to HR and business development. 

Our most-recent News Needs & Preferences Survey (Subscriber content), published in November, demonstrates that company news continues to be high up the list of specific information sought in a premium news product. It was number three in the 2015 survey, whilst our 2014 survey indicated that the importance of company news has been on an upward trend since 2011.

And in November we carried out research into private company information, exploring what drives the need for company information, which facets of company information are most-requested, and perceptions and concerns around accuracy and timeliness of data provided. Respondents named more than 30 specific sources they turn to for trusted information on private companies, including company information specialists such as DueDil, plus other approaches such as local Chambers of Commerce or individual country company registries. 

DueDil: Worth Checking Out

With so many companies claiming to offer accurate company information, how do you choose which vendor to plump for?  

If you're looking for data on companies in the UK and Ireland, take a look at our just-published Product Review of DueDil. This looks at the Enterprise service which focuses specifically on companies in that territory and covers around 10.3 million UK companies plus a further 572,000 companies based in Ireland. 

Although a relatively early-stage offering, reviewer Chris Porter finds it "combines solid, frequently updated data with an attractive user interface" and comments that "the general layout is crisp and clean; a notable difference with many competing services is the clear visual highlighting of changes in turnover and assets, compared with the previous year".

Find Out More

DueDil continues to develop, with coverage of European companies a planned enhancement for 2016 and company-related news being a recent addition to the product.

FreePint Subscribers can log in now to read our detailed analysis in our Product Review of DueDil.

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