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Tuesday, 17th January 2017

By Robin Neidorf


Complete our survey on how to develop an information-savvy workforce through strategic alignments. As a thank you for participating, we'll email you a copy of the survey results on publication in March.


Developing an information-savvy workforce through strategic alignmentsImagine the number of information interactions that take place each day in your information services department. Now compare it to the number you imagine takes place on the desktops and mobile devices of other employees in your organisation.

The volume of information interactions has shifted inexorably from information centres to end users. Yet how often are the information skills of those end users evaluated or improved? How much do end users really know? Why do they do what they do, and how can their interactions with information become more skilful and effective?

Critical questions

These are critical questions for today's organisations. And if information professionals are to focus on more complex, higher value work, we need to find ways to answer them and create a more information-savvy workforce.

The hypothesis of the current Research Focus, "Creating an information-savvy workforce through strategic alignments", is that this task is not one for information teams to tackle on their own. Rather, strategic partnerships with key areas of the business - such as learning & development or specific business units like R&D - are essential for success.

Complete our survey

Please take 10 minutes to complete the Jinfo Survey for this Research Focus, and share your perceptions of opportunities to leverage such partnerships.

Your responses are anonymous, but if you provide an email address at the end, you'll get a copy of the results when published in March.


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