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Wednesday, 26th April 2017

By Catherine Dhanjal


Comintelli launched the newest version of Intelligence2day in January. Our recent product review looked at how the portal which brings together internal and external information compares to Knowledge XChanger, and at new features and developments in the pipeline.


Freshly launched in January 2017, the next generation of Comintellli's Intelligence2day platform "represents years of development, resulting in a sophisticated tool", finds Jinfo's recent in-depth product review

Designed primarily for knowledge managers and competitive intelligence professionals, Intelligence2day aggregates and classifies information from a number of sources into a single portal, making discovery and analysis more efficient.

Improved analysis & visualisations

The platform's content connectors mean that information sources can easily be brought in to create your own tailored competitive intelligence database. This can include internal and external sources like RSS feeds, Google News, web sources, premium content providers, emails, intranet content and shared drives.  

Intelligence2day can "normalise the content", irrespective of whether the information is in an email, PDF, Word, HTML, audio or other format, creating a searchable database. Automatic or manual classification can be used to map content to keywords and topics, with the Classification Engine "handling thousands of documents every hour". 

Aggregated content and automatic classification frees staff up to focus on analysis and insights, with heat maps, signal spotters, geolocation and personalised dashboards amongst the tools which "allow for easy comparison and trend spotting". 

Find out more

Developments are afoot which will further shake up competitive intelligence, with Comintelli's plans to include more elements of machine learning and augmented intelligence technology. 

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