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Thursday, 29th June 2017

By Catherine Dhanjal


Find out what PharmaCircle Business Class Professional offers business development and prospecting managers seeking information on biopharma developments and deals worldwide.


If you're looking for information about drugs, biologics and combination product development and innovation worldwide then PharmaCircle should already be on your horizon. We were interested to review PharmaCircle Business Class Professional to see how comprehensive its coverage is and how it stacks up against competitors.

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Comprehensive source for biopharma

Reviewer Michelle Maxwell is a life sciences professional with a PhD from Oxford University, and 12 years post-qualification experience in academia and the pharmaceutical industry. She points out that the Business Class Professional product "provides a useful platform for business development and prospecting managers in the pharmaceutical industry" but is "very much focused on business and not necessarily the right solution for those in R&D".

It offers global coverage in areas from companies and VC transactions to FDA Orange Book approvals and drug delivery technologies. 

The use-cases include being able to identify competitors, partners and market gaps.

PharmaCircle also offers Premium and Business Class Elite products which might better suit companies focused on R&D or on the Asian markets.


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