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Tuesday, 29th August 2017

By Catherine Dhanjal


PatentAdvisor is a patent analytics tool which helps people better understand the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). With the fact that this government agency's examiners do not necessarily always follow the same processes, PatentAdvisor offers you the chance to put this to your advantage. Has the tool changed since our last review in 2015? Let's find out...


We last reviewed patent analytics tool PatentAdvisor in 2015, and thought it was time to find out what has changed for the better since then.

If you're an inventor, you'll want to patent your design and product, and possibly register the trademark. 

Sounds like a straightforward process, but when individual patent examiners don't follow the exact same processes and provide exactly the same interpretations of the law as each other, where does that leave you?

PatentAdvisor addresses this issue and helps people better understand the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). 

The product is part of a suite of intellectual property tools published by LexisNexis company Reed Tech. Other tools include TotalPatent, which we also reviewed in 2015.

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So what's new?

As expected, PatentAdvisor has been improved since our 2015 review and now offers:

  • A newer, cleaner and less cluttered user interface; filtering options are now hidden until needed, making it easier on the eye
  • A Prosecution Guidebook data and the PathWays service, both of which enhance the overall effectiveness of the product
  • An improved statistical base with the addition of two years of patent data.

Our product review for 2017 looks at PatentAdvisor's improvements above, its user interface and search functions, and its competitors and pricing information.

Organisations that register a lot of patents in the US, along with their legal representatives, would benefit from using this tool. Read our 2017 product review for a full run down of the ins and outs of PatentAdvisor.


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