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Wednesday, 18th April 2018

By Robin Neidorf


In the first insight from our Research Focus, "The information team with the right stuff", we examine why soft skills are so critical to success for today's successful information teams.


The information team with the right stuffThe first insight for the Research Focus, "The information team with the right stuff" is this:

The most important skills to cultivate for a successful information team are consulting, communications and persuasion skills. 

Don't just think about focusing your team on this goal - create a plan and start to make it happen. Jinfo's "Insights and Actions" report directs you to the tools you need to get there, starting with:

  1. Identifying the skill gaps you face today and
  2. Creating team consensus on what future success looks like.

Read about all four recommended steps and get links to the resources we have produced to help you take them, in our Insights and Actions report:

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