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Wednesday, 11th July 2018

By Paul Taylor


My Favourite Tipples are shared by Paul Taylor, who is a speaker and author on topics such as technology, freelancing and change management. He is also a change management consultant, chair and non-executive director and mentor. He shares some of his go-to resources to keep on top of a broad range of topics.


Since I have a number of different roles, from change management specialist in the financial services sector to chair and non-executive director for industry and social enterprises, it is important that I have a good set of easily searchable and reliable sources of information. I need sources of data that cover a very high-level overview, all the way down to the real detail.

  • Investopedia: A large amount of my work is in relation to financial services. Investopedia is probably the best and easiest to use online financial services encyclopaedia available. It is easy to search and provides solid definitions. It also provides links to its sources of data, which can be explored further if necessary.

  • Wikipedia: It is often criticised for its inaccuracies. However, I think that this criticism is often unfair. While it is not 100% perfect, it does provide high-level summaries or overviews of subjects. This data provides a decent grounding before dropping down into the detail.

  • BBC: The UK's national broadcaster has a strong news capability covering a wide range of areas (not just in the UK). Therefore it provides a decent summary of what is happening at the moment. This is always useful.

  • Google Scholar: This search tool covers a wide range of academic papers and journals. It can be a little overwhelming to use and therefore take some time to find what you are looking for. However, it is worthwhile preserving with. Some excellent data and research can be found.

An article in Jinfo which I found particularly interesting:

  • I have always had an interest in AI and found Graham Southorn's Jinfo article "Where do information professionals still beat AI?" very relevant. I do believe that the advances in AI have been overblown and exaggerated. In other words, we are a long way from seeing a C-3PO type robot in the office. This article gives a balanced view of AI.


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