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Wednesday, 10th October 2018

By Sophie Alexander


Find out why we reviewed Knowledge360 from Cipher Systems, the SCIP-certified end-to-end competitive intelligence platform solution designed to support market analysis, and what makes it so popular.


Intelligence systems - beyond awareness to action

Launched just a few years ago, Knowledge360 from Cipher Systems has already established itself globally as a key player in the competitive and market intelligence industry. 

You can find out why it's been awarded the coveted SCIP Certification gold seal endorsement for two consecutive years in our latest product review of Cipher Systems Knowledge360 (Subscriber content). 

Knowledge360 is used by clients across the life sciences, energy, financial, manufacturing and technology sectors for a variety of competitive/market intelligence, marketing and strategy purposes.

Advanced technology

With a centralised source of information and relying on Natural Language Processing (NLP) and advanced machine learning technologies to semantically analyse your data, it automates routine tasks and saves users' time.

Having last looked at the product in 2016, in this fresh review we find out what's changed and focus in particular on the technology including customisation and collaborative features, plus search and save.

With the inclusion of a range of global and regional data, its customised dashboards allow you to organise your information and share news with just your team or your entire organisation.

Find out more

Take a look at the full "Product review of Cipher Systems Knowledge360", a fully updated product review that highlights the product's value, technology, training and support as well as how Knowledge360 measures up to its competition. 

If you don't have a Jinfo Subscription but would like to read this product review plus original research, expert articles, and attend our events, find out how to purchase your Subscription here.

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