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18th June 2020

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[Focus: Risk Assessment]


The 2020 disruption of the work environments has thrown information teams into the spotlight. As clients grapple with new ways to access information and manage quick changes to their work priorities, there is a clear opportunity for information teams to add to their concrete data in proving value.

During this Community session, run in June 2020, information managers engaged in facilitated discussion on four areas that prove value to the organisation.

To get the value of this confidential session:

  • Read Jinfo's article, Risk assessment on information value
  • Use the activity in it to consider:
    • our context for value
    • Your "Known Fors"
    • What data to collect
    • Best communication practices
  • Download the (anonymised) notes to get the insight and questions of your peers.

Community sessions are open to any organisation with a Jinfo Subscription. Register for future Community sessions so that you can take part in the discussion first hand.

Slide presentation and notes

This event has passed, and a recording and/or slide deck is available for customers with access to Content and Community.

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