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21st January 2021

By Jody Ridgwell


Find out about the improvements to Jinfo’s website and how we’ve enabled more streamlined viewing and saving of content and made it easier to access and navigate the site.


We’re delighted to introduce some new features to the Jinfo website, which are designed to make it easier to find, use and maximise the resources we produce.

Streamlined viewing and saving of content:

  1. PDF reports are displayed on the page, without having to be downloaded first (on desktop computers)
  2. You can email a PDF report to yourself with the click of a button
  3. Item starring has been streamlined
  4. All content is on the single domain “” for the first time
  5. Choose the number of items to display in a list
  6. URLs are now human-readable, with the item’s title appended to the URL

Login and search enhancements:

  1. As well as logging in with your usual MyJinfo password, you can now also log in via LinkedIn, or via a “magic link” sent by email
  2. The login duration has been extended, requiring fewer logins
  3. The new search offers up more relevant results and starts showing results as soon as you start typing, and no more adverts
  4. The system is now more secure and faster, with our administration having been significantly streamlined.

Send us your feedback about these features and your suggestions for further enhancements using our contact form or by email to

We’re particularly excited about these developments because they are part of a significant investment we’ve made to update our technology and create the foundation for even more improvements in the future.

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