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Thursday, 5th August 2021

By Rebecca Gebhardt Brizi


Don’t let the piddly things distract you from strategy – another Jinfo client regains control of the operational reins.


One of our analysts was working last week with an information team that is starting to develop its vision as a Centre of Excellence. The head of the team took the opportunity to blow off a little steam about all the piddly things that pull her away from high-value work.

It's a theme we hear again and again: less valuable activities eat up the time we promise ourselves we'll dedicate to strategy and things that only information experts can do.

We get great satisfaction from guiding teams through the activities that enable them to tailor the Centre of Excellence to their environment. In the words of one information manager:

"There is a huge return on this work. It allows us to chart our own destiny."

You can get started right now with the detailed guidance available to our clients through the Focus on Centre of Excellence. Each of the five articles walks you through an activity, and the accompanying webinar recordings provide further guidance.

If you get stuck or have questions, Jinfo is here to help – contact your account manager, or complete the form on our site.

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