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Monday, 9th August 2021

By Stephen Phillips


The "ahas" come every day when we talk with content licensing teams. A recent call highlighted the benefits to both buyer and supplier when value is better defined.


New "aha" moments happen all the time in Jinfo's practice. Last week's "aha" came during a strategic conversation with an information team working within R&D digitisation initiatives for a manufacturing company.

The challenge on the table was the disconnect between how content suppliers report (and price) their value and how organisations can measure and manage that value.

In sharing an overview of Jinfo's methodology for strategic portfolio management, we said something we've probably said dozens of times before... but this time it struck like a lightning bolt:

When licensing teams define and measure their definition of value, buyers and suppliers both benefit. Both sides of the relationship need this insight: what actually makes a difference to business outcomes?

Invest in strategic portfolio management driven by your definition of value, and you'll deepen the partnerships that will drive the whole information ecosystem forward. Ultimately, this makes for better information products, right-sized contracts, appropriate terms and successful outcomes.

I'd love to have an "aha" moment with you. Contact me at to share your questions and challenges – Jinfo's Focus on Content Portfolio can be your foundation for the future.

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