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23rd March 2022

By Robin Neidorf


Information leaders have a wide range of personalities, skills and spheres of influence – there’s a leadership style that suits just about everyone. Jinfo clients explore and cultivate theirs in Community sessions and 1:1 work with our analysts. Think you aren’t leadership material? Look in the mirror and think again.


This month, we're examining the difference between "information managers" and "information leaders" from different angles – behaviours, examples, and practical suggestions for adjustments that will help you grow as a leader.

There's an important first step that every single information manager, emerging or mature information leader can take, and re-take, every single day:

When you look in the mirror, see an information leader.

Cultivate and reinforce your self-perception as expert, strategic, valuable and insightful. This is the one common characteristic of every truly effective information leader. 

This month’s Community session, "Advance as an information leader, activate your expertise" (29th March) will discuss the importance of self-perception, and there are only a few available seats remaining.

Find your leadership style

It's always a pleasure – and indeed an honour – to work with Jinfo clients on finding the leadership style that works for them. We look at:

  • the nature of the business
  • the priorities of information strategy
  • the number and variety of stakeholders, direct reports and partners...

... to articulate what leadership means in a given context.

Equally important is the attention we pay to what works for a specific person. I’ve encountered far too many information professionals who think they can't possibly be leaders.

Introverts can be leaders. Remote workers can be leaders. Some lead three people; some lead three hundred people. Nothing disqualifies you from making this journey.

Are you ready to explore the next step? We can help you find your way. Contact us today.

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