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8th July 2022

By Robin Neidorf


Jinfo’s Director of Research reflects on the fundamental question of how to measure the value of information as she retires to the status of Emerita.


How do you measure things that are hard to measure? That’s the consistent question I have aimed to address since I first started working with Jinfo in 2004.

We developed a practical solution, and in 2019 published the first material that has since become the Focus on Value Chain. At the time, I told Managing Director William Hann that this was the most important research we’d ever done.

Measuring things that are hard-to-measure has also been a cornerstone of my volunteer work as a strategic planner for my community. Every project, every meeting, I push to define what impact we’re trying to achieve, and then what information would help us affirm our progress.

That’s the work that will now define the next chapter of my career: measuring and enhancing impact in the charitable sector. 

I bring to this work real-world insight I could only have developed at Jinfo - every research project, every information team that has trusted us to guide them to think bigger, now informs consultations I do with nonprofit organisations and foundations.

To focus on this work, I am retiring to Director of Research Emerita for Jinfo, as of July 2022. In that role, I will continue to provide guidance, mentoring and coaching Jinfo analysts as they build on Jinfo’s proprietary Focus methodologies on Value Chain, Content Portfolio and Centre of Excellence.

Moving forward, Jinfo’s know-how and insights are in the supremely capable hands of Stephen Phillips, who has been an ideal colleague over the past two years (not to mention a favourite client prior to them). I hope you take the opportunity to tap into his deep knowledge as he continues to leverage and enhance Jinfo’s methods and offerings.

In addition to expressing the pride I feel in what we’ve accomplished over the past 17 years, I also have to offer my gratitude to Jinfo’s Managing Director, William Hann, for his creative partnership, deep intelligence and trust. Everyone should get the opportunity to experience the dynamic collaboration we have sustained over the years.

Fundamentally, I am continuing the work that I began with Jinfo: understanding how the right information deployed the right way creates impact. But now I’m working on social impacts rather than commercial ones.

Thank you to all of you who have worked with us, responded to our research, pushed us to evolve to your changing needs, and tested our ideas. Since I started working with Jinfo in 2004, you’ve made this work forever fascinating.

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