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4th July 2023

By Stephen Phillips


Catch up on the latest news from Jinfo on Generative AI (GenAI) as well as sign up to our July Community session to get a view from the suppliers on the impact of GenAI.  Don’t miss the opportunity to contribute to our latest research into Competitive Intelligence in the pharma and bioscience sector, and look out for the result of our News and Current Awareness Survey later this month.


The buzz around Generative AI (GenAI) shows no sign of abating and significant investments in the technology continues to grow apace:

  • PwC and Accenture have announced significant investments
  • McKinsey have produced a paper that offers insights into what your stakeholders are thinking
  • Bloomberg have produced a research paper on Bloomberg GPT
  • Pitchbook is talking about the significant investment needed by anyone with aspirations in AI
  • Thomson Reuters acquires a legal AI firm.

Watch my latest update on YouTube to hear more about these developments:

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... with links to the specific resources in the video’s description.

Do subscribe to the Jinfo YouTube channel to make sure you don’t miss future updates.

Join our July Community sessionThe impact of AI – how are vendors responding?” (Thursday, 20th July 2023), to get the perspectives from CEOs of two niche players:

  • Alik Sokolov is co-founder and CEO of - an online investment research platform that extracts insights and data-driven research from large volumes of unstructured text to make socially responsible investments
  • Markus Karlsson is co-founder and CEO of Affino - advising a wide range of clients on their digital transformation strategies, as well as offering a suite of AI services to clients.

Register for the Community session

Survey on competitive intelligence in pharma and biosciences

Jinfo is about to commence a new research project into competitive intelligence (CI) across the global pharma and bioscience sector:

  • how CI functions are organised
  • what activities they perform
  • the skills and training needed
  • how CI databases and vendors are used to drive impact.

We are proactively reaching out to pharma and bioscience clients and colleagues, but if you are in the industry and would like to be included please reply to this email (or use our contact page).

News and current awareness survey

We are busy collating all of the data collected from the 2023 News and current awareness survey.  Having received 84 responses, the same as 2019, the survey is now closed.

In last month’s Community session we shared and discussed the initial findings, and the summary report will be available to participants and Jinfo subscribers later this month. 

Please contact me if you would like to discuss more specific cuts of the data, and more detailed perspectives on the outcomes.

And finally, I’m always available to discuss the benefits of a Jinfo Subscription or how Jinfo Consulting can support your own challenges.

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