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5th September 2023

By Stephen Phillips


Learn about the vital role of nurturing the talent pipeline and succession. There’s now a legal cut of our news and current awareness survey. And a real need for information managers to assert themselves to maximise the value of generative AI and mitigate the risks.


Managing the talent pipeline and succession

As organisational hierarchies have become flatter, the gap between the information leaders and their teams has steadily grown.  

Succession planning is a difficult but vital activity to nurture skills and know-how for future leaders.

Setting aside concerns that you might be working your way out of your role, investment in the next generation is vital to ensure information management remains a core competency of the organisation.

Also, can information managers do a better job of articulating their value, to arrest the trend of organisations transferring their function to the ownership of a general manager?

Register for “Managing the talent pipeline & succession” (14th September 2023) to discuss these topics, and hear strategies for mitigating the risk and cost of knowledge loss through attrition. Register now.

Legal cut of our News and current awareness survey 2023

Based on the results of our recent News and current awareness survey, we have released a legal sector cut of the data.

We are currently working on a cut of the data to focus on organisations with over 20,000 employees. If you would like us to suggest a breakdown of the data, please contact us.

GenAI call-to-action for information leaders

Whilst we recognise that Generative AI (GenAI) has the most potential to augment people, there is a very real risk that it will displace entry level knowledge workers from many organisations.

I strongly recommend you watch my discussion with three AI company CEOs, to hear a clear call-to-action for information leaders to maximise the value and mitigate the risks of this technology.

On a related note, I recently saw a demo of GenAI in action in a demo of Northern Light’s “SinglePoint” product. This uses GenAI and NLP (Natural Language Processing) technologies to capture content from a closed set of sources, limits its processing to these inputs to prevent hallucinations, as well as references and maps all key concepts to the source.

Look out for more information on this and other interesting product developments from Jinfo.


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