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8th November 2023

By Stephen Phillips


With a few "critical" vendors accounting for the bulk of the content purchasing budget, start asking your stakeholders what they "need to know" to find opportunities to optimise your content purchasing.


Content purchasing spend has become an important focus for many organisations.

And with a few "critical" vendors accounting for the bulk of the content purchasing budget, it is getting harder to find opportunities.  

Most of us are familiar with terms like “nice to have” and “need to have” and their implications.

But, information managers need to shift their focus to ask their stakeholders "what do you need to know ... to find new clients? ... to mitigate risk? ... to make good decisions?".

In this month’s Jinfo Community session “Content portfolio needs analysis” (16th November), Nick Collison of Couranto will discuss how needs analysis can underpin licensing negotiations, enhance the value of your supplier relationships, and reinforce your value with stakeholders.

In our latest recorded Webinar, “Licensing for GenAI: caveat emptor”, we share wide-ranging insights into the legal considerations for licensing content for use with GenAI.

The speaker is Jeff Monassebian, an attorney with over 40 years of specialised expertise advising on licensing third party content and data. He covers the intellectual property rights and ownership of GenAI inputs and outputs, confidentiality, as well as the implications for privacy and Personally Identifiable Information (PII).

You can see clips from Jeff’s Webinar on the Jinfo YouTube channel, and I encourage you to “like and subscribe”.

Getting to what stakeholders need to know is critical if you want to be a trusted advisor.  Try to look beyond the content of capabilities of specific products to understand what information is needed and how it is used by your stakeholders to create value.

The Jinfo Focus on Value Chain and Focus on Stakeholder Engagement have many practical tips to help you discover the purpose and value of information and enable you to exercise your expertise.

Finally, I’m available for a 30-minute conversation about the value of a Jinfo Subscription and Jinfo Consulting.

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