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6th August 2012

By Robin Neidorf


Delivery of FreePint Subscription components can be managed through a number of mechanisms, including login, RSS and email. This brief video explains.


Once we consolidated all articles and reports into a single FreePint Subscription, we also had the opportunity to simplify delivery of these elements to you.

Since all content is organised on the FreePint site, rather than spread over several sites, it's a lot easier to design login access (through MyFreePint) to help you find the content included in your FreePint Subscription. 

RSS feeds come off all our article categories, enabling you to subscribe to those feeds that best match your job function or areas of interest.

We also took advantage of the opportunity to streamline our newsletter publishing. Each of the following come out twice monthly and highlight the latest articles and reports we've published:

Learn more in this brief (2 minute) video:

If you cannot see the above video, please try on our hosted service.

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