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Monday, 26th August 2013

By Ann Marie Plankey


For vendors of information products and services it's imperative to keep up with issues, evolving client needs, market developments and key products and services. Ann Marie Plankey looks at recent FreePint Articles and Reports and examines how a FreePint Subscription helps vendors keep updated in essential areas from Thomson Reuters' new product launches to company divestment such as Pearson's planned sale of Mergermarket. Regular product reviews and mini reviews investigate key products such as D&B360 and Global Financial Data while FreePint's original research sheds light on topics from news aggregation products and trends to mobile deployment in the enterprise.


In my work as the vendor account manager for FreePint, I often talk with marketing staff about market insights, competitive intelligence and trend awareness for the information industry. A FreePint Subscription offers comprehensive and flexible access to articles and reports that serve exactly these needs.

Recent FreePint Articles and Reports of interest to vendors of information products and services:



Why These Articles and Reports?

Product reviews like the ones on Leadership Companies Premium, Global Financial Data, D&B360 and Alacra Compliance Enterprise provide a unique view into competitor offerings, as well as a valuable perspective on what buyers are looking for in products. 

Additional reviews can be found in the FreePint Topic: Sources section of our collection, or by searching the site for a product name.

Comparative items like the survey of six vendors for sales intelligence services lay out the key characteristics of a segment of the marketplace and highlight the product variables and the players in the market.

Topical items such as the report on news aggregation products and trends, the related article on "why investigate news aggregation?" and research results on mobile deployment in the enterprise offer real-world, practical insight on topics of urgent importance to content buyers and information managers.

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