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Tuesday, 8th December 2015

By Candace Cathey


Information managers from all sectors are searching for accurate content. There is plenty of information on the internet available through search engines such as Google. The challenge for information professionals in the legal sector is how to decide the true value of content when searching for news, people, and public and company information.


Challenges of Information Services

Information professionals in the legal and business sector have access to traditional services containing news and other sources that fulfil their research needs. Through the years there have been up-and-coming competitors emerging on the knowledge services scene and using new technology to provide similar content.

Along with the opportunity to access a plethora of resources is the challenge for managers to decide which items are beneficial to their company or law firm based on the quality and value of the content.

FreePint's current Topic Series "News, and Other Commodities" includes articles, reports and webinars that will help those who are facing these obstacles.

Another challenge faced by information professionals is that of working with the IT department. From January to March 2016, the FreePint Research Focus "Strategic Alignment of IS and IT" will focus on enabling content experts and technology experts to better understand, work together and achieve mutual goals around the value of information in their businesses.

Examine the Value of Information  

With research, information managers are facing a struggle to locate the right supplier or vendor to address their information needs and are looking into free and subscription-based sources suitable for their own time and budgetary restraints.

The article "Information Sources for Industry Developments" helps you choose information resources whether researching yourself or relying on industry reports. During this evaluation process, you can ask yourself "Is this Subscription-Based Company Information Service Still Worth the Fee?"

According to Michael Levy's article "Detecting Sales Opportunities via Sales Triggers", potential clients can research vendors and their competitors, allowing buyers to play on an even field with sellers. Meanwhile the article "Q&A with Bureau van Dijk - Global Business Intelligence", discusses how customer feedback helps improve BvD's products and services.

Our Content is the broad platform through which we publish research-based insights. Community provides the environment to discuss them with peers. Consulting tailors the insight to your needs. Find the right FreePint Subscription level to meet your needs.


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