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Tuesday, 5th December 2017

By Victoria Alford


This product review of Dow Jones Factiva focuses on the changes to the product over the last couple of years, and looks at what is still to be improved.


Desktops are being used less and less for news searches these days, everyone is after "news on-the-go". Dow Jones Factiva - a global news aggregation service - is a premium news provider you would expect to be keeping up with that trend.

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Jinfo product reviews follow a set protocol and are independent of bias, with a requirement that our researchers have access to the product for two weeks to carry out in-depth testing during that time.

As well as carrying out a full new product review, Jinfo wanted to find out how has Factiva improved its access to news via mobile. Over the last couple of years in particular, social media and online news sources have improved rapidly and expansively and we wanted to see whether Factiva had kept up with that demand.


News on-the-go

Jinfo held a Community session earlier this year and invited users and vendors to discuss the merits of key news providers, along with what could be improved. Our session attendees felt that there were three main needs that Factiva could focus on:

  • Research
  • Curation
  • Integration.

Sophie Alexander, the author of this year's Factiva review, looked closely at those areas when putting Factiva to the test, as well as covering:

  • Where the investments have been made over the last two years since Jinfo's last in-depth review
  • What additions have been made
  • What parts of the platform have been upgraded
  • New features
  • Licensing plans, pricing and direct competitors.

The biggest recent change in mobile terms is that the platform is now available to Android users (previously only available for Apple users).

Add to this hundreds of new licensed and crawled sources, increased expert searches and competitive intelligence and increased language support - and you start to get an idea of how the customer is being listened to.

Factiva has not quite reached complete global coverage yet - this is an area they are currently addressing and working on, in order to cover more local regions around the world.

Jinfo Subscribers can sign in now to read "Product review of Factiva" and find out more about the biggest improvements and changes to the Factiva platform.

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