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Monday, 23rd July 2018

By Sophie Alexander


Following on from our product review of Manzama Base last year, we turn our attention towards the company's newest product offering, Manzama Insights, an easy-to-use market intelligence platform which not only searches content but extracts meaning and produces actionable insights using NLP and machine learning techniques.


Intelligence systems - beyond awareness to actionIf you're a busy time-pressed professional, you'll understand the importance of being able to spot new business opportunities without having to analyse vast quantities of information. So, what can you do? Manzama Insights may provide the answer. Launched earlier this year, it is the analytics application for Manzama Base, which Jinfo reviewed in August 2017.

As part of our Research Focus "Intelligence systems - beyond awareness to action", we look at Manzama Insights' use of NLP, machine learning, and social network research to provide a useful snapshot of company health in our mini review of the product.

Catering to those in the legal, accounting and financial fields, with law firms making up the core of the product's user base, client feedback was an important factor in its overall development. The aim was to build a data analytics platform that measures corporate and industry health, identifies strengths and weaknesses within a company, and enhances lead generation and client engagement.

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What's unique about this product?

Still in its infancy and currently with no direct competitors, Manzama Insights is a fresh and exciting product that uses AI and big data technology, which provide the basis for its future development and which the company hopes will help the product to eventually appeal to a larger market.  

Read our mini review of Manzama Insights to discover:

  • How Insights was developed
  • Which premium content providers it partners with
  • Some of the product's most appealing features, including the health score which presents a snapshot of a company's health and benchmarks it across its industry sector
  • How it's using the latest technology, such as NLP and machine learning to generate actionable insights
  • What type of users currently benefit from using the product and how they use it
  • What developments are in the pipeline.

As our reviewer, Andrew Lucas, says, "Manzama Insights points the way forward in the development of market intelligence and current awareness platforms, which is a move away from simply finding relevant content... towards understanding the information through the extraction of meaning, to produce actionable data and ultimately insights." 

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