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Tuesday, 4th September 2018

By Catherine Dhanjal


Jinfo's Head of Product, Catherine Dhanjal, highlights a must-read article, report, webinar and Community session from August, on areas from negotiating with vendors to proving the value of the information centre and using automation for increased efficiency.


Choosing some highlights from our content and events is particularly fun this month as I'm also excited to announce my change of role within Jinfo.

In my new role as Head of Product, I'm responsible for the development, production and quality assurance for Jinfo's product and service lines across Content, Community and Consulting. What's particularly thrilling is that the new role includes dedicated time to focus on driving incremental and bigger enhancements across our products, from our content to our events, and you'll see some of those developments already coming through.

  • Article: The question of the value that the information centre offers the business is one which must constantly be answered. In "What problem does your information centre solve?", Rebecca Gebhardt Brizi provides highlights from a recent Jinfo Community session plus her own experience of working for a software service provider and now as an operations consultant. She provides a series of strategic questions to answer and key areas to be proactive around, as well as useful next steps.
  • Report: In addition to the original market research we carry out four times a year within each Research Focus, Jinfo tackles additional topics through surveys and in-depth interviews, and offers practical business models to use within your own organisation. 

    One of the models we published in August, "Jinfo model - automation and optimisation", provides a practical overview of the benefits of moving towards best practice in use of automation, along with the pitfalls of common practice. This model also showcases recent design enhancements we're implementing, including increased use of visuals and colour, and a version of the model to print off and complete for your own organisational practices.  
  • Webinar: Our regular programme of webinars offers superb at-your-desk, at-your-convenience learning and an alternative way to absorb information or get up to speed on an issue. These 60-minute sessions are available live or to view post-session at your leisure, and for sessions since January 2018 the decks and speaker notes are also posted online. 

    Part of our Research Focus, "Benchmark information roles - Jinfo models of excellence", the August webinar "State of the industry for automation", focused on how organisations can tap into technology and leverage new platforms and tools to make their working environment more efficient. The model above complements this theme. 

  • Community session: Our live, confidential, facilitated Community sessions tackle topics from strategic planning to enhancing departmental skills. See our upcoming sessions here. In order to preserve confidentiality, these sessions are not recorded; the deck and speaker notes are available for sessions from January 2018 onwards. 

    In May we launched regular role-based sessions, and our August "Jinfo for content purchasing" event provided a great forum for people responsible for managing content portfolios or specifying products. In this session, discussion centred around negotiating contracts, obtaining meaningful usage statistics, dealing with large increases in fees, and vendors being intractable over fee increases. 

    If you don't yet have Community on your Subscription and would like the opportunity to attend a session, contact me for a taster invitation. (Please note that all new subscriptions include Community - the option to have Content-only has been phased out.)


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