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Tuesday, 16th October 2018

By Sophie Alexander


We recently reviewed Vable Inbox, an email management tool. Find out why we reviewed this tool which aims to help you filter and focus on most important incoming information.


Intelligence systems - beyond awareness to actionIf you're an information professional in the corporate sector, you've probably come across tech company Vable, a London-based operation which specialises in information management products focusing on current awareness and communication throughout the organisation.

Earlier this year, we interviewed the company about its flagship products, including Vable Inbox and InfoPro. Last year we reviewed Vable, a current awareness platform that can automate the monitoring, gathering, indexing and sharing of information from public and subscription news sources, and in our latest mini review we look at Vable Inbox, an email management and forwarding tool.

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Filter what's important with Vable Inbox

As an information manager responsible for multiple subscriptions, you're probably inundated with emails from a wide range of sources.

Vable Inbox is designed to help information managers and librarians review, filter, manage and forward content which comes into their email - a workflow and efficiency concept of particular interest to Jinfo as such tools can help information centres spend more time on higher value work.

Available as a standalone product, or as part of the entire Vable InfoPro solution, Vable Inbox can also run alongside any existing solutions as an add-on to manage email alerts.

Although the legal sector makes up the majority of its current client base, Vable is expanding into other sectors for whom current awareness is also important, including banking/finance, government, higher education and pharmaceutical.


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With its filtering rules and forwarding features, Vable Inbox gives you much more control over your inbox, as well as reports over who's read the content you forward on. Read the "Mini review of Vable Inbox" to find out whether it's suitable for your environment. 

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