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Tuesday, 27th November 2018

By Sophie Alexander


If your work involves researching private companies in the US, you'll be interested in why we recently published a mini review of IncFact, a company information and business discovery engine that covers around 3 million mainly privately held, midsized US companies.


Unlike public companies, private companies in the US do not need to file with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) so you need to be a bit more creative when researching them. 

IncFact, a relatively new and welcome addition to this landscape, is a company information and business discovery engine covering up to 3 million US companies, mostly privately held, midsized companies. Take a look at our mini review of IncFact to find out more.


An increased demand for private company data

At a time when the number of firms listing on the US stock exchange is in decline, there is an increased demand for data on private, midsized companies entering the market, particularly in the high-tech sector.

IncFact is useful for those working in competitive intelligence as well as private equity firms and hedge funds, for finding deals and for due diligence.

Read our recently published mini review of IncFact to find out about its nearly 3 million public and private companies, gain an understanding of how companies fit together, and its list-building functionality.


Find out more

If you have a Jinfo Subscription you can log in now to read our mini review of IncFact to find out more about its wide range of configurable options and how it can help you better manage all your resources in one place. 

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